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Frequently asked questions about Automotive Parts Headquarters and Auto Value


Question: What is an Auto Value parts store?

Answer: Auto Value parts stores is a non-franchise business that caters universally to the do-it-yourself (DIY) retail clientele and professionally certified technicians (also referred to as wholesale customers).

Question: Can DIY customers still work on their vehicles?

Answer: It’s true that vehicles are becoming more technologically advanced each year. However, the average age of vehicles on the road is increasing, which translates into increased maintenance opportunities. Plus, today’s vehicle owners are more price conscious and willing to get their hands dirty to save money on necessary repairs.

Question: What advantages come with owning an Auto Value parts store?

Answer: Auto Value offers nationwide warranty protection and only sells the highest quality and well-recognized product brands in the industry. We offer a turnkey program for new owners, proven marketing programs, professional merchandising, overnight delivery and state-of-the-art inventory management to protect your most important investment.

Question: Why is Auto Value unique to other auto parts stores?

Answer: Our locally-owned and operated stores receive unmatched service from all of the key departments at our regional distribution center…computer support, human resources, marketing, inventory control, pricing, purchasing, sales and warehouse operations. You have access to our entire management team because we believe in direct communication, which enables us to be more in tune with our Auto Value parts stores and react quickly to what is happening on the street.

Question: Is an automotive industry background required for Auto Value parts store ownership?

Answer: No. We have 100+ years of automotive aftermarket experience that is invaluable to new and existing store owners. When questions arise, our “Help Desk” is only a phone call away. Plus, we offer an array of employee training programs that are available online or in a classroom environment.

Question: Will an Auto Value parts store be competitive with other auto parts chains?

Answer: Yes. We are constantly price shopping to ensure we meet the competitive environment in each of our Auto Value markets. Our stores also utilize ongoing retail inserts and wholesale flyers that feature promotional pricing on new products and seasonal items.

Question: Does Auto Value parts stores provide assistance for new business financing?

Answer: We undertake a complete budgeting process with interested store owners. Each business plan includes sales/expense projections, cash flow analysis and benchmark comparisons to existing Auto Value parts stores that are in similar size markets.

Question: How can I become an Auto Value parts store owner?

Answer: We would enjoy talking with you about open markets, as well as store changeover opportunities if you aren’t happy with your current supplier. Please reply using the contact information provided or call (320) 258-4182. Our director of independent sales will personally contact you to schedule a no-obligation meeting so you can learn more about the Auto Value parts stores program.