A Part of the Family

Career Spotlight: Cody Havlick, Store Manager


Cody was always interested in cars from a very young age, so when he was asked if he was interested in a part-time job at an auto parts store, he jumped at the opportunity.

Knowing he wanted to do something in the automotive industry, but not wanting to work as a mechanic, working at the auto parts store seemed like a good idea while going to school. After a few years, he enjoyed it so much he decided to make a career out of it.

Most days for Cody consist of processing special orders that have come in from local repair shops and getting those parts delivered. A typical day also involves inventory updates, working on the counter, answering phone calls and helping customers who walk in.

What makes this career so great for Cody is the people he has met throughout the years, including co-workers, employees at the local shops and customers, with some becoming lifelong friends. Working at Two Harbors Auto Value has been and continues to be rewarding.

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