A Part of the Family

90th Anniversary

(First row, from left: Joe Felicelli, BBB Industries; Rick Price, BBB Industries; Bob Egan, Federal Mogul; Eric Sills, Standard Motor Products; John Bartlett, APH; Corey Bartlett, APH; Denny Welvaert, Dayco; Larry LaVigne, APH; Joe Pomaranski, Tenneco; Ken Kee, Dayco; Keith Wilson, WIX. Second row, from left: Aaron Fisk, APH; Jeff Blocher, WIX; Jeff Darby, Dorman; Harold Eberly, East Penn; Michael Cardone III, Cardone; John Washbish, Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance; Dick Lowater, APH; Phil Bahl, APH; Neal Yanos, Tenneco; Mike Lichtenberg, APH; Fran Labun, Denso; John Kelley, Dura International. Third row, from left: Rich Vierkant, APH; George Tersteeg, APH; Dennis Gregory, APH; Bill Wroge, APH; John Kriedeman, APH; Tim Feddema, APH.)